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Resume Pointers

Are you having a hard time writing down what you do at work on a daily basis? 

Answer a few of these questions.

We guarantee that you will come up with some new ideas about your job responsibilities and skills.

  • What experience, skills, or traits do you have that could be of  use to an employer?
  • How many people did you supervise? Orient? Hire? Train?
  • How large a budget did you manage?
  • To whom did you report?
  • What was the highest level in the company that you reported to or communicated with directly?
  • Did you coordinate anything?
  • Serve as liaison between groups or key individuals?
  • Mediate between groups or individuals? Resolve any conflicts? Serve as mentor to anyone?
  • Did you do, or participate in, strategic planning?
  • Did you evaluate any individual or group performance?
  • What was your function on the team, or your contribution to winning? Your team’s percentage of wins?
  • Did you gain experience in any special use software?
  • How much reduction in costs or increase in profits did you contribute to?
  • Did you propose, suggest, or initiate any programs, changes, or improvements that were implemented at least partly because of your initiative?
  • Were you praised or recognized for anything such as a particular assignment, a method of working, a trait of character? How? By whom?
  • Were you promoted ahead of schedule?