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T. Scott International

Industry Leading Human Resources Consultants for the Interactive Marketing and Advertising Industry

Recruiting Process

We have the unique ability to move individuals and organizations out of their "comfort zone" and empower them to achieve greater goals. We utilize the fundamentals of ethics, integrity and professionalism in every aspect of our business.

Market the client company’s assignment
  • Interview hiring manager for information on position and company
  • Offer consultation on salary level and attractiveness of position
  • Develop a marketing plan. Elements can include:
    Our Internet site
    Direct mail or e-mail campaign
    Direct contacts
    Our international network of professional
    recruiting firms
    Wall Street Journal Ads on Executive Positions
  • Develop lists of potential candidates
    By abilities/experience
    By job function/title
    By geographic region
  • Enthusiastically present the career opportunity
  • Apprise the hiring manager of our progress
  • Qualify and evaluate candidates
  • Anticipate possible problems
    Non-compete contracts
Arrange interviews for client company to meet candidates
  • Present candidates verbally and with resume
  • Recommend the appropriate interviews
  • Arrange each interview
    Prepare candidate
    Brief hiring manager
Get decisions that establish placements
  • Debrief candidate and employer
    Move ahead with this candidate? Why?
    Interview other candidates? Why?
    Maintain or change the direction of the search?
  • Arrange subsequent interviews
    Assist employer with terms of offer
    Present offer to candidate
    Negotiate the differences
  • Counsel the future employee on resigning from his current employer
  • Confirm the commencement of employment
  • Follow up with candidate and manager within 30 days
    Telephone call
    Evaluation questionnaire to candidate
    Evaluation questionnaire to company

(Failure to perform one or more of these steps does not constitute breach of contract on our part)