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Group Creative Director

Jul 1, 2023


Job Status: Open

The Group Creative Director (GCD) is a strong leader who will manage, inspire and lead multiple creative teams at various levels. A strong conceptual thinker with a pulse on culture and technology who also demonstrates a thorough understanding of the digital/social landscape. This person also needs to be a great partner to Planning, Strategy, Account and Project Management teams. As well as being an exceptional collaborator with clients actively listening and understanding their true needs but also developing a trusting relationship that allows for the Agency to push for better and more surprising work. As GCD you are expected to understand and contribute to both the visual expression and content of the ideas you put forth. GCD reports to the Executive Creative Director (ECD).

Creative Role & Responsibilities

    • Owns creativity, consistency and quality of agency output on assigned accounts
    • Is an innovative creative leader who consistently produces successful campaigns
    • Evaluates creative strategy and execution of all work generated by creative teams
    • Motivates and inspires each team member to deliver the highest quality creative
    • Masterful presenter, able to sell great work through story telling
    • Instills confidence internally and with client of agency’s creative excellence (both the work and the people)
    • Supports planning and strategy in the development of creative or project briefs
    • Actively engages in evolution of brand personality and positioning
    • Remains constantly aware of new developments within the industry to better service assigned clients
    • Directs the creative teams so that the team environment, culture, capabilities, tools, processes, expectations, support the objectives of the Agency
    • Ensure the team consistently operates in an efficient/profitable way to deliver the highest quality of creative output within approved budgets
    • Responsible for effective and efficient use of freelancers
    • Leads a pitch team, presents at pitches
    • Leads creative end of brand planning efforts
  • Assigned to more than one accountRequired Skills


    • Writes clear, cohesive creative copy for multiple channels (print, digital, broadcast etc.)
    • Has strong presentation skills and is an expert client manager and creative negotiator
    • Ability to keep track of multiple projects at different stages of completion across more than one team
    • Exhibits decisive problem-solving skills
    • Ability to understand timelines and proposed budgets/staffing and provide actionable feedback
    • Actively maintains an understanding of how work moves through the agency. Champions relevant agency Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)
    • Understands the principles of production (print, online, broadcast etc.)
  • Leads print shoot/video/broadcast productionRelationships/Supervisory Role


  • Viewed as a leader by the creative department and assigned account teams. Is a trusted partner to account, strategy and project management counterparts
  • Work closely with senior management to attain and maintain creative vision outlined for the agency
  • Maintains an environment conductive to creativity, instilling confidence in direct and skip level reports of their abilities to meet and exceed agency’s creative standards
  • Responsible for training, reviewing and mentoring direct reports and ensuring greater team is trained, reviewed and mentored appropriately
  • Sets priorities and manages workloads so assignments for team are completed within agreed to timeframes
  • Proactively works to improve clients’ businesses. Is considered an essential part of the team by lead clients
  • Collaborate with leaders of different disciplines within the agency as well as client

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