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Account Director

Jul 14, 2023


Job Status: Open


Our Client is a fully integrated, global marketing agency that is looking for people to challenge the status quo and think outside of the box. Our Client has roots in both consumer advertising and behavioral, data-driven direct marketing.


Account Director is the agency’s commissioner at the client. We want a person who understands the client’s needs beyond marketing and looks deeper at the partnership they have with the agency. This person takes a leadership role in strategy development and ensures that the strategy maps back to the client’s goals. The Account Director is a proactive and effective partner with all cross-functional team members. We want someone with the ability to champion ideas, inspire great work and effectively defend and persuade the agency POV to the client.

  • Utilizes interpersonal savvy to rally internal and external Agency resources to help bring long-term, strategic recommendations to life
  • Sees the client business through a 360-degree lens and identifies out-of-the box ideas and opportunities to integrate and expand into other disciplines
  • Builds one-on-one relationships with senior level clients to foster a partnership with the agency
  • Manages needs of team members to maximize learning and productivity while minimizing turnover
  • Adopts a proactive approach to anticipating internal and external concerns
  • Owns the crucial ability to reactively address and remedy current as well as unanticipated situations
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 8+ years of relevant industry experience
  • Consumer “OTC” Healthcare Pharma Experienced preferred
  • Integrated Marketing experience needed with strong Digital knowledge
  • B2B marketing expertise a huge plus
  • Has the ability to provide big picture strategic thinking, vision and insights to drive big ideas and initiatives
  • Possesses collaborative leadership skills that encourage team cooperation and motivate relationship building
  • Is enthusiastic about business and passionate about marketing
  • Demonstrates strong, fully developed staff management and partnership abilities
  • Possesses an integrated background with online/offline and production expertise


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